We are both proud to live and work in Westfield and continue to give back to the community that has given so much to us. Mike owns a remodeling company, Michael Robert Construction (www.michaelrobertconstruction.com) , and an energy consulting company, Green Energy Improvements (www.greenenergy-nj.com).  After having two wonderful sons, I have started back to work with Mike, helping him with marketing, client relations, and project design. I am loving being able to be at home with my family, and helping to grow our family business.

We are so thankful that so many of our good friends remain in town and that each of our families are only 1.5 miles away!

I welcome your input and comments! I can be reached at elliemroz@gmail.com.


About Ellie

I have lived, laughed, and loved in Westfield since 1986.  

My husband and I both grew up here, attended the Westfield public schools (he was a North-sider, I was a South-sider!), went away to college, settled back in Westfield, and started our own family here.  As high school sweethearts, we always knew we wanted to come back to the place that we loved so much.  

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