What is Design/Build?

Design/Build is a collaborative, one-stop-shop approach to the construction process. Design/Build syncs creative design with the physical build, creating a single discipline that does it all – program development, architectural plans, concept renderings and actual construction – under one roof and customized to any size project.

Our team of design and building professionals work together from the onset of a project, ensuring efficient work flow and communication through the development of a project. This eliminates the need for our clients to independently contract with separate architects, engineers, designers, and then a contractor, only to hope that each will be able to work without overlap or missed connections. In all, the Design/Build method reduces client stress through a streamlined process and optimizes the potential of each project.

Rendering pre-construction
Final New Construction outcome

Design / Build instead of what?

A more traditional approach to construction, often called “Design-Bid-Build”, relies on clients to independently hire multiple companies to design, bid and ultimately build their project. First an architect is brought in to create drawings for the renovation, addition or new construction home. Then, after construction drawings have been fully developed, estimates are solicited from multiple reputable contractors, leaving homeowners on their own to interpret and compare build proposals. Often times project build estimates come in over the planned budget, leading to time consuming redesigns and restart of the bid process.

Home as Originally Purchased by Client of Michael Robert Construction in Westfield, New Jersey
Home as Originally Purchased by Client
Pre-Construction Rendering with MRCxEMD Design/Build Team, Westfield, New Jersey
Pre-Construction Rendering with MRCxEMD Design/Build Team

Where does Design / Build fall in our process?

Michael Robert Construction Design/Build Process in Westfield, New Jersey

Why is Design / Build relevant to our clients?

The Design/Build process is more in tune with the changing design and construction needs of today’s homeowners. The rise in Design/Build’s popularity is a result of the most recent trends in the building industry. Homeowners are typically seeking:

  • Enhanced quality craftsmanship
  • Ability to customize and personalize projects to unique family needs
  • Ability to better control budgets and reduce costs
  • Need for efficient timelines

Benefits of Design/Build

1. Expertise from the start

Hiring a Design/Build firm enables you to tap into a wealth of experience and expertise right from the earliest stages of your project.

Because you have a single source for all aspects of your remodeling, you’ll have experienced professionals guiding you through every step from design through construction. Additionally, the benefit of having one firm responsible for the project as a whole and accountable for all of the different parties is a large stress reducer for the client.

Architectural Renderings and 3d Drawing Capabilities

With in-house capabilities for architectural renderings and 3d drawings, our clients can get a realistic viewpoint of their before we start any construction. This enables tweaking any design at the start, streamlining building later and preventing costly and time-consuming changes during construction.

Architect Plans
Architect Plans
3d Drawing
3d Drawing
3d Renderings
3d Renderings

2. Smoother Process

Because everyone is working on the same team, you’ll enjoy clear communication as you develop your plan. You’ll also have fewer issues that can lead to higher costs and delays. Problems that may arise like budget issues are addressed from the earliest stages of your project. Your design-build firm will work with you to best allocate your budget, giving you guidance on the best way to spend your budget, ways you can save money, and where you should splurge based on your needs.

3. Design /  Selection Guidance

Michael Robert Construction’s design/build team has access to Ellie Mroz and her talented designers that are current with the latest industry trends, colors, fixtures, finishes, and technologies available. They have experience designing spaces that are functional as well as aesthetically beautiful, or as Ellie puts it, “purposeful and pretty.” Ellie’s team will be able to understand your ideas and work with you to maximize your budget and realize your creative vision. With so many choices available, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Our project manager and team of professionals can help reduce your stress by guiding you through your options to arrive at the best solution to meet your needs.

4. Cost Effective

Working with a Design/Build firm is also a cost-effective way to complete a project. You’ll save money over separately hiring individual consultants like an interior designer, engineer, architect, and contractor because when you choose to work with a Design/Build firm, you’re getting all of this needed expertise under one roof. Because your budget is being administered by a single entity, it can be better allocated among the trades based on need. In the long run, you’ll get more for your budget with a design/build firm. In fact, according to studies, design/build projects are typically 6% lower in cost than their design/build/bid counterparts.

5. Avoid Surprises

The Design/Build process avoids costly surprises because you establish your budget upfront, and your designer and contractor are in sync every step of the way. This enables identification of potential issues from the start of the project, minimizing costly and time-consuming problems in the construction phase.

3-d Rendering of Full-Home Addition & Renovation