Home Exteriors: Current Renovation Trends

Home Exteriors: Current Renovation Trends

The outside of your home: It’s the first glimpse of home you see after a long day out, the first impression that greets your guests.

Home exteriors not only are highly functional, protecting us against the wide ranging Northeast weather, but they also provide a glimpse for neighbors, passerbys and friends of your style; of what may be behind the front door. Your home’s exterior represents the style of the internal occupants to the external world. So what’s the latest in home exterior trends…and how can you create them in your home?

Beachy Farmhouse

Try generously planted window boxes, white wood siding and an inviting front porch. Metal roof touches also play well with this look.

Front Porch

Modern Rustic

The combination of slurried, warm white brick with black-frame casement windows creates the delicate balance of modern with warm and rustic. Lantern lights and clean, modern house numbers add to the look. Don’t forget that gutters can also be decorative; whether in color, copper or stainless, they work best when complementing siding and roofing.

Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle

Sliding glass walls and multiple patios creating a fluid indoor-outdoor connection. Balconies on multiple stories seal the look. Outdoor fireplaces and porches are a must.

Modern Outdoor Space

Eclectic Whimsy

Bohemian looks full of whimsy your style? Distressed brick, rustic window shutters, divided-light windows and unique rooflines achieve the look.

Cheat Sheet: “Does and Don’ts” for Keeping Your Curb Appeal Current

  • Use natural elements such as brick, stone, and wood accents; avoid obvious man-made materials
  • Ditch the overly ornate doors and opt for a simple blue, black, or natural wood door. Glass and iron doors are an elegant option.
  • Forgo understated home entrances and move towards accentuated the front door with surrounding porches and accent lighting
  • Let the light in: Consider transom windows and sidelights above/surrounding the door.
  • Remove your old “blah” address numbers and make an afforable investment in bold numbers that express your style.