Home Performance Contracting

1. Conserve Energy, Increase Efficiency, and Save Money
Most people believe that replacing windows will save energy. They do but there are many more ways to save that should be higher on the priority list and much less expensive. Air sealing and additional insulation, for example are a more major concern. Once we achieve a tight and insulated envelope we can than focus on the other components of efficiency, like the heating and cooling systems.

2. Increase Comfort
Sealing up a house will stop drafts and insulation will keep the conditioned air in the house longer. Also, properly sizing a heating and cooling system is crucial to IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Most systems are oversized which causes short runtimes and can contribute to higher indoor RH (Relative Humidly) levels, inefficiency with the system and higher utility bills.

3.Enhance Health and Safety
The most important component in home performance is keeping your home safe and we test for this as part of our process. The last thing you want is for dangerous gases to come from your utility room. We pay special attention to the venting of gas fired appliance, the condition of the appliance, and the pressure balance associated with the use of your home which can cause problems with the drafting of your gas fired appliances.
Moisture causes mold and high RH levels in your home. We know how moisture flows through a house and how to prevent it. When we stop air movement and reduce moisture we stop mold growth.

Our approach to every project incorporates these goals. Whether it is a kitchen renovation or a whole house remodel.

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