Service Areas: Chatham


Chatham is a suburb of New York City in Morris County with a population of almost 9,000. It offers residents a sparser suburban feel coupled with a walkable downtown and highly ranked public schools.

Chatham NJ is known for being a town with a lot of “lifers” – people who are born in Chatham and stay there or people who make their way back to town after initially leaving.

When New Jersey became a state after the Revolutionary War, shortly thereafter in the early 19th century the village of Chatham became part of a much larger entity called Chatham Township that also included several other area communities.  At the end of the 19th century, Chatham Village had some disputes with the township that resulted in its secession.  It reorganized under a village government in 1892, and in 1897 it was reincorporated as Chatham Borough as it is today.

Much of Chatham Borough was built before World War II, and as a result the town’s homes retain the charm of buildings constructed during the colonial and revolutionary era. Most homes in Chatham Borough are single family houses with landscaped gardens, with neighborhoods established before the 1960s. Chatham Township is overall quieter with larger properties and newer construction.

Commute to New York City
Chatham boasts a fast and easy commute to NYC. There are two train lines that run through the Chatham train station, conveniently located downtown. Many commuters walk or ride bikes to the train station or park in one of the surrounding commuter lots. With an average ride of 45-60 minutes and one direct train that clocks just 38 minutes to New York Penn Station, it’s one of the most efficient NYC train commutes in the area.

Chatham is nestled right along Routes 24 and 78 in an ideal zone; far enough off that it’s quiet and safe but close enough that it gives Chatham residents options for day trips. Different routes take residents to NJ farms or lakes or alternatively, to more urban areas.

Chatham has a walkable family-friendly downtown. The well-maintained, charming area features a main street with wide sidewalks, plenty of restaurants, and locally-owned shops. The restaurants range from the local sandwich shops to high-end dining

establishments. Chatham puts considerable effort into keeping its downtown vibrant, hosting events throughout the year.

The town pool, a library with some of quality programming, and a playground are at the center of town, and all are walkable from many of Chatham’s residential zones.
Chatham has considerable green spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy as well as an extensive recreational program with swimming, volleyball, football, lacrosse, softball, hockey, basketball, baseball, and tennis.

Chatham is known state-wide for its high quality public schools. The public high school has been named #1 in the state and is consistently ranked around the top 20.