End of Project Blues

    Oftentimes clients and contractors find that at the end of a project, the morale between a client and a contractor has suffered.  Remodeling can be stressful and unpredictable.  At the end of the project you are tired of making decisions, sick of the dust and noise, and wondering if it’s ever going to be finished. 

    There is a saying in the business that when the project looks like it is about 95% complete, it really is only 50% of the way there.  This is because the first half of the project appears to be moving very quickly.  You may get excited because you are ahead of schedule and you are seeing a lot of physical changes in your home.  When you get towards the end of the project, things start to slow down and the details come into play.  This is the part of the project that we call “fit n’ finish.”  At this point in the project things may seem to be moving very slowly, but trust me we are working twice as hard now as we were in the beginning of the project.

    There has actually been a study on this, called the “emotional roller coaster of a remodeling project.” Here’s what it looks like:

excerpt from homeowner’s manual


“While I am very happy with the quality of the work performed, it is important to highlight that these guys are trustworthy, honest people. They were great with my young kids being both very friendly with them and concerned about their safety. They went to great lengths to make sure we were happy with all aspects of the project and even did things like shoveling our driveway one morning. In short, they went above and beyond and definitely have a "can do" attitude. I recommend, without hesitation, using Michael Roberts for your renovation project. A whole house renovation is a painful experience live in day to day. These guys made it almost enjoyable.

Molly & Paul Cabral

Westfield, NJ