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Michael Robert Construction is passionate about home renovation projects. It’s always our goal to provide quality craftsmanship in all our projects while delivering valuable services along the way.

Our team of professional home renovators can handle everything from the initial design to completion of the construction. We execute on time and stick to your budget without surprising you with unexpected charges.

What We Do

At Michael Robert Construction, we are experienced renovators who have fine-tuned the art of planning. For a smooth and stress-free process, we always:

Help Our Clients Establish a Clear Vision

Having been in this home renovation industry for many years now, we know the importance of having a clear vision. We want our customers to have the bigger picture of the home they envision before we embark on the project. We take the time to help them analyze their options one at a time.

Help Them in the Planning

Once our clients find what’s feasible and have well-rounded ideas for the design, they need a concrete plan. This means getting everything financially and legally prepared and getting planning permission from the relevant authorities. We help check if their ideas meet with the building regulations.

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Answer All Questions Honestly and Openly

Sometimes clients worry about the time it will take to complete the project. It’s upon us to reassure you and quell your fears while ensuring we deliver according to your expectations.

We are very open to staying in touch with our clients, delivering periodic reports on the project’s progress. This helps us to iron out any misunderstandings and create room for any necessary adjustments.

Save Your Time and Money

Our design build approach streamlines project delivery in one contract. Plans and construction happen under one roof which optimizes cost, scheduling, communication and “constructability”.

MRC Prides Itself On

Whole House Approach


MRC x EMD Difference

Client Satisfaction

Whole House Approach

We believe that remodeling should be seen as a whole house approach, where new design and construction is seamlessly integrated with the existing structure. Our work ranges from whole house renovations and design/build custom homes to additions and floor plan changes.

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Our Process

A design-build approach allows for our clients to have full control over their project as a unified process. We work with our clients from the start with architectural renderings and then seamlessly transition the design from concept to finished product. Our team is involved with every step of the process, so no details are lost through the development of the project, and our shared goal for the completed renovation is realized in an efficient, timely and organized manner. This process of syncing design and construction optimizes cost, scheduling, communication and constructability.


MRC works closely with incredibly talented local architects, and our approach unifies the client / architect / builder team leading to extraordinary results. Established trade partnerships built on years of collaboration ensure that every project has a picture-perfect completion. Our background in building science, our understanding of design, and our processes for construction management separate us from every other contractor.

MRC Process

The MRC x EMD Advantage

For clients who are looking to elevate their project, MRCxEMD joins the construction know how of Mike with the design aesthetic of Ellie Mroz Design Studio.  Together in life and in business,  MRCxEMD marries form and function, exterior and interior and makes the house uniquely purposeful and pretty. Ellie Mroz Design (EMD) brings a refined approach to design development.  Exclusive to our design-build process, Ellie Mroz Design can be tapped as a resource for interior planning early in the design phases.  Ellie works to assess the changes, achieving a level of design not often considered until the finishing phases of construction. When you add EMD to the process you can include all or select parts of the following: 

Architectural Plan Analysis

Existing Furniture Integration

Concept/Aesthetic Development

Finishes/Selections Budget

MRC x EMD Projects

Client Satisfaction

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