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Michael Robert Construction is the expert in creating home additions that seamlessly increase your livable square footage. Our approach is not only to cohesively enlarge your space, but to pay meticulous attention to design, function and flow.

Giving You the Space You Need

Before we set out to work on any home addition, we want to understand your needs. Being the experts we are in the industry, we know the importance of proper planning and not rushing through a project. We know that an impulsive decision can build up on the costs without providing any additional value.

We don’t want this to happen to our clients. As such, we work with you and figure out a few essential factors.

Why Do You Need the Home Addition?

While you think this is an obvious question, it’s not uncommon not to have a clear plan for the remodeling.

  • Is the family growing and you need extra rooms?
  • Are you trying to boost your home’s resale value?
  • Do you want to make a grand change to your home’s overall look, or are you looking at micro-additions?
  • Do you want a bigger kitchen?
  • Do you want to move the bedrooms to the second story?

Whatever your reasons, we’ll discuss the best approach to achieving the most desired results.

Modern Farmhouse
MRC Team Photo in Westfield

Where to Start

The best place to start is to hire experts to help you with the planning. Once you’ve decided that this is what you want for your home, we’ll be right there to walk you through the process.

We’ll work together to develop the perfect plan for the most useful house additions, without removing anything. Whether it’s the size of the kitchen, family room, or a bedroom your children have outgrown, we are here to help.

Time Considerations

How much time do you want to spare for the project? Home additions don’t happen within a few days, and we don’t like rushing through tasks. In our experience, a renovation can take 2-12 months, depending on the scope.

As such, we want you to consider your overall budget, noise, and disruption of your life. In some cases, you may have to consider alternative living conditions. However, we assure you that this is just a small inconvenience given what you stand to gain from the project.

MRC Prides Itself On

Whole House Approach


MRC x EMD Difference

Client Satisfaction

Whole House Approach

We believe that remodeling should be seen as a whole house approach, where new design and construction is seamlessly integrated with the existing structure. Our work ranges from whole house renovations and design/build custom homes to additions and floor plan changes.

Classic Coastal

Our Process

A design-build approach allows for our clients to have full control over their project as a unified process. We work with our clients from the start with architectural renderings and then seamlessly transition the design from concept to finished product. Our team is involved with every step of the process, so no details are lost through the development of the project, and our shared goal for the completed renovation is realized in an efficient, timely and organized manner. This process of syncing design and construction optimizes cost, scheduling, communication and constructability.


With an Architect of Record integrated into our team, and our approach unifies the client / architect / builder team leading to extraordinary results. Established trade partnerships built on years of collaboration ensure that every project has a picture-perfect completion. Our background in building science, our understanding of design, and our processes for construction management separate us from every other contractor.

MRC Process

The MRC x EMD Advantage

For clients who are looking to elevate their project, MRCxEMD joins the construction know how of Mike with the design aesthetic of Ellie Mroz Design Studio.  Together in life and in business,  MRCxEMD marries form and function, exterior and interior and makes the house uniquely purposeful and pretty. Ellie Mroz Design (EMD) brings a refined approach to design development.  Exclusive to our design-build process, Ellie Mroz Design can be tapped as a resource for interior planning early in the design phases.  Ellie works to assess the changes, achieving a level of design not often considered until the finishing phases of construction. When you add EMD to the process you can include all or select parts of the following: 

Architectural Plan Analysis

Existing Furniture Integration

Concept/Aesthetic Development

Finishes/Selections Budget

MRC x EMD Projects

Client Satisfaction

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