Regardless of the magnitude or nature of your project, we will look at your house as a whole, as a system.  The Whole House Approach is akin to Aristotle’s renowned theory that a whole does not equal the sum of its parts.  All aspects of your home interact with each other, and when any aspect is altered it will have an affect on the rest of the home.  When there is synergy among these parts, your home functions most comfortably and efficiently. 

    You may ask, “What does a Greek Philosopher have to do with construction?”  My answer would be: “Everything.”  Here’s an example: your kitchen renovation will affect your gas-fired equipment in the basement.  Most likely, your new kitchen includes an exhaust fan above your stove.  This fan is meant to rid your kitchen of cooking smells and smoke associated with everyday cooking.  When you switch it on, it is serving its function, but did you know that it is also competing with the natural drafting heating equipment in your basement?  There is a good chance it is not allowing your home’s other systems to function the way they were built to function.  Gases may now be flowing into your home through your chimney, instead of drafting out as they should.  MRC considers all of these possibilities, assesses the options, and makes the appropriate accommodations.  This is called The Whole House Approach.

    Our process starts with a Home Energy Assessment.  Soon after signing a contract with Michael Robert Construction a home energy assessment will be scheduled.  This assessment will tell us everything we need to know about your home and its inner workings.  The data that we collect will help us fine tune the construction of your project according to the way your home uses energy.  This method of building allows us to build additions and alterations that are remarkably less expensive to run and operate, which also leads to increased comfort, greater indoor air quality, and a safer, healthier home.  The icing on the cake is that this process also leads to a reduced carbon footprint creating less stress on the environment. 

    It is very simple to understand how homes operate and interact with the environment, yet most professionals in the remodeling industry stick to the traditional way of doing things or don’t understand the basic principles of The Whole House Approach.  Building a safe, healthy, and efficient home is the future of the remodeling industry and we are proud to be on the front line. 


For more information on Home Performance and an in-depth description on the science behind it, please visit our sister company Green Energy Improvements, LLC on the web.

The Whole House Approach