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Who We Are

Michael Robert Construction prides ourselves on a commitment to design and attention to detail, and have been rewarded with both local and national recognition; we have received “best of houzz” awards for almost ten consecutive years. We are devoted to Westfield and surrounding area through our work, community outreach and our own families. In fact, one way we show our community focus is through a partnership with NBC’s nationally aired “George to the Rescue,” helping improve the quality of life of local families through dramatic home renovations.

The MRC Difference

MRC’s roots in design and building run deep. In particular, Mike’s study of classical architecture and design give him a solid foundation for respecting a home’s integrity and natural balance – factors that continue to differentiate MRC from other builders. Although continuing education is not a state requirement for general contractors, MRC believes that it is essential to continued improvement. Our team regularly attends industry classes on all aspects of building, ranging from latest energy-efficiency techniques to updated safety standards.

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MRC Prides Itself On

Whole House Approach


MRC x EMD Difference

Client Satisfaction

Whole House Approach

We believe that remodeling should be seen as a whole house approach, where new design and construction is seamlessly integrated with the existing structure. Our work ranges from whole house renovations and design/build custom homes to additions and floor plan changes.

Classic Coastal

Our Process: Design/Build

Our goal is to create a project that meets our client’s unique needs, ensuring the home renovation or custom new construction is realized in an efficient, timely and organized manner.  We shape a building program and aesthetic vision with our clients from the start, so transition from design development to physical construction is accomplished seamlessly.  Our team works closely with our clients to craft purposeful design, leading to extraordinary results.

The design/build approach allows for clients to have a single point of contact throughout the process, from planning to building completion.  This is in contrast to the model in which the architect is separately contracted from the general contractor.  This model, called design/bid/build (meaning the client hires the architect first), is slow, inefficient due to many players and tends to create budget issues.

Design/build plans and construction are under one umbrella, allowing for syncing design and construction, which optimizes cost, scheduling, communication and constructibility.


MRC Process

Commitment to Green Energy

With almost a decade committed to mastering the green energy approach, we are committed to building homes differently. We strive to eliminate inefficiencies with energy consumption in your home, whether it be a new custom construction project, an addition or a renovation. Improvements include, but are not limited to, focusing on proper insulation, air sealing and upgrading heating and cooling systems. Using quality products and proven methods, we aim for optimal energy efficiency.

Quality Energy-Conscious materials

The MRC x EMD Advantage

For clients who are looking to elevate their project, MRCxEMD joins the construction know how of Mike with the design aesthetic of Ellie Mroz Design Studio.  Together in life and in business,  MRCxEMD marries form and function, exterior and interior and makes the house uniquely purposeful and pretty. Ellie Mroz Design (EMD) brings a refined approach to design development.  Exclusive to our design-build process, Ellie Mroz Design can be tapped as a resource for interior planning early in the design phases.  Ellie works to assess the changes, achieving a level of design not often considered until the finishing phases of construction. When you add EMD to the process you can include all or select parts of the following: 

Architectural Plan Analysis

Existing Furniture Integration

Concept/Aesthetic Development

Finishes/Selections Budget

MRC x EMD Projects

Client Satisfaction