The MRC x EMD Advantage

For clients who are looking to elevate their project, MRCxEMD joins the construction know-how of Mike with the design aesthetic of Ellie Mroz Design Studio.  Together in life and in business,  MRCxEMD marries form and function, exterior and interior and makes the house uniquely purposeful and pretty.


Ellie Mroz Design (EMD) brings a refined approach to design development.  Exclusive to our design/build process, Ellie Mroz Design can be tapped as a resource for interior planning early in the design phases.  Ellie works to assess the changes, achieving a level of design not often considered until the finishing phases of construction. When you add EMD to the process you can include all or select parts of the following: 


Review of Plans

Ellie and her team conducts a full blueprint/floor plan analysis including optimizing space planning based on each client’s unique needs. She will liaison with the Michael Robert Construction team to integrate changes seamlessly.

Existing Furniture Integration

Have an heirloom piece you need to make sure fits into your remodel or new custom construction? Or a huge dining room table you can’t live without? No problem. Ellie and her team will take a full inventory of pieces you want to bring into your new or remodeled home (including full measurements), ensuring that rooms and/or floor plans accommodate them in a design-forward fashion.

Concept / Aesthetic Development

Ellie and the team meet with clients to understand their aesthetic – any inspiration? Particular looks that speak to them? Anything from travels (or even friends’ homes!) they want to emulate? This is determined from the very start, and every aspect of the home is designed to respect this cohesive chosen aesthetic.

Finishes / Selections

Anyone who has remodeled even one room in their home knows how many decisions there are to be made. A significant house remodel or a new custom construction gets stressful fast! Ellie and her team alleviate this stress with their expertise on materials including but not limited to the following:


– Countertop

– Backsplash

– Wall coverings

– Flooring

– Hardware

– Plumbing Fixtures

– Cabinetry finishes

– Color schemes

– Lighting placement & fixture selection




Clients can determine what they need to work with Ellie and her team on. Not to be overlooked is the significant range in budget selections can determine. EMD works with clients to ensure that selections fall within their budget range.

Clients can also choose to work with Ellie on interior design to fully complete their house and make it into a home.

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Marrying form and function,

exterior and interior,

making the home purposeful and pretty.


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