Marrying form and function,

exterior and interior,

making the home purposeful and pretty.

It started with a a boy who always had tools in his hands (or a football), who loved to build with said tools. And girl who loved fashion, décor, and all things pretty.

Yup, at 13 years old, this boy and girl met here in Westfield, NJ. They fell in love. And Fast forward to a bunch of homes, kids, companies… there’s MRCxEMD.

EMD is Mike’s wife’s design firm, Ellie Mroz Design.


Some clients are looking for a uniquely designed home fit just right for their family’s needs, whether it be new construction or large-scale addition/renovation. And to execute, it takes years of expertise and just a pinch of talent.

That’s when Mike and Ellie come in and work together. Starting with scrutinizing every (fraction of an) inch of the architectural plans, Mike and Ellie work together with their client every step of the way to design and build a home the way the client envisions in hazy dreams, but can’t fully crystalize in detail.

Yes, it’s all about the details. Unique finishes, hidden (and not-so-hidden) storage, green energy, and cutting edge technology. Mike and Ellie think about ways to improve your lifestyle during the planning stage, so that when you walk in the door and open your eyes to the home you’ve dreamed of, it not only looks like home, but it feels like home in every way.

Mike and Ellie Mroz in Westfield

Mike & Ellie On-site at their Award-Winning Westfield Office Space

MRC x EMD Projects

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Mike and Ellie HOUZZ

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Mike and Ellie Mroz Design Build Team

Mike and Ellie’s collaborate with NBC’s George to the Rescue to help families Westfield and surrounding communities.

Classic Coastal

2018 Westfield Historic Preservation Society’s coveted Devlin Award Winners